Reza Mirkarimi
Reza Mirkarimi,
born in 1966 in Tehran,
is an Iranian screenwriter and film director.

He has graduated in Graphics from Tehran University, the Faculty of Fine Arts. He started his cinematic career with a 16mm short film, called “For Him”. He made his first feature film, “The Child and the Soldier”, in 1999 – a film which won him national and international recognition. Ever since, he has written and directed several critically acclaimed films, such as, “Under the Moonlight”, “Here a Light Is Shining”, “So Close, So Far”, “As Simple As That”, “A Cube of Sugar”, “Today”, and “The Girl”. His latest film, “The Girl” was nominated for 7 Crystal Simorghs at the 34th Fajr Film Festival. Mirkarimi is the Managing Director of Khaneh Cinema since April, 2015.